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This post is all about food flashcards.

Food Flashcards For Kids Free Printable

Whether you’re an English teacher or a parent trying to expand your child’s vocabulary, flashcards can be a great, additional learning tool. We’ve already covered various topics such as vehicles, farm animals, and weather. In this post, you’ll find free printable food flashcards.

food flashcards

Teach your kiddo the names of popular food items with fun, yet minimalistic food flashcards. Get your free printable download now!

How to help your child learn new words?

  • describe what your doing and seeing throughout the day
  • read to your child
  • sing to them
  • teach them nursery rhymes
  • engage in pretend play
  • use flashcards

Kids learn new words through repetition. You can certainly foster your kiddo’s language development by repeating words to them throughout the day. Preferably in various situations.
It’s best to start with words around the child’s interests and vocabulary connected to the child’s surroundings as well as your daily routine. Besides using the words in the specific situation, you can also use flashcards portraying those words to further help your child understand and memorize them.

Below you’ll find your free printable food flashcards. The PDF consists of 7 pages with 4 food items per page, so there are 28 flashcards. The food included are salad, pizza, pancakes, eggs, bread, bagel, muffin, fruit, vegetables, butter, chicken, fish, popcorn, french fries, wrap, burger, ice cream, yogurt, donut, taco, nuts, chocolate, rice, soup, beans, sandwich, smoothie, pasta.

Flashcards are a great educational tool for young children as they offer an engaging way to learn new words and build their vocabulary. Keep in mind, that they’re best used in addition to other materials, games, and activities.

If flashcards seem to be working for your child you’ll find over 200 free printable flashcards on this blog. Covering all sorts of toddler-friendly topics such as weather flashcards, spring flashcards, fruit flashcards, and more!

I recommend laminating your flashcards to make them more durable and well, kid-proof.


Download your flashcards by clicking the “download” button, or click the link below to open the file in a new tab first. Enjoy!