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This post is all about feelings flashcards.

16 Feelings Flashcards For Kids
Free Printable

Help your toddler express themselves better and teach them the names of their big, loud, and soft emotions with these free feelings flashcards.

feelings flashcards

One thing is sure, toddlers have a lot of emotions, not rarely very big ones, that might be a little bit hard to cope with and to navigate through. One of the reasons why young kids can feel overwhelmed and explode or break down is because they can’t express themselves too well yet. Help your little one discover all the emotions they might be having and teach them their names with these free feelings flashcards to help them recognize and talk about them. This will not eliminate tantrums but it can give your toddler some clarity and make them feel more empowered knowing that what they feelings is normal.

Using feelings flashcards can be a fun little addition to other ways your kiddo is learning about emotions. You can use them while reading books about emotions or while explaining to them after an incident how their feelings are okay but maybe their behavior in that moment wasn’t.

Children learn new vocabulary best when they hear the words over and over again in a meaningful context.
You can foster your child’s language development in various ways. Sing and read to them, teach them nursery rhymes, simply talk to them, and use flashcards.

Flashcards can be a fun little educational tool for young children as they offer an engaging way to learn new words, build their vocabulary, and start recognizing letters. Obviously, they’re best used in addition to other materials, games, and activities.

Below you’ll find your free printable feelings flashcards. The PDF consists of 4 pages with 4 emotions per page, so there are 16 flashcards total.
The feelings included are happy, sad, proud, brave, scared, loved, worried, surprised, shy, embarrassed, excited, silly, bored, sleepy, angry, and grumpy.

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