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Everyday Objects Flashcards For Kids

Teach your child the names of objects they see and use daily with these free, minimalistic everyday objects flashcards. Get your free printable now!

everyday objects flashcards

There are certain things your child most likely sees and does daily. They have probably heard you naming certain items around the house countless times by now.

Undoubtedly, an easy and fun way to build your child’s vocabulary, help them recognize certain words, and even start recognizing letters is by using everyday objects flashcards.

“Repeating words, a concept or a skill allows your child to form an understanding and even attempt to imitate it. Children may repeat new words back to you as they learn them and will learn letters and words by repeatedly seeing them written down.” – The power of repetition, earlychildhood.qld.gov.au

You can integrate them into your daily routine in various ways or use them in a more traditional way by either showing and naming them to your kid or asking them to point to certain flashcards/objects.

Clearly, you don’t need to spend money on pricey flashcard sets online.

Simply get your free printable everyday objects flashcards for toddlers below

This printable set of everyday objects flashcards consists of 24 of the most common everyday items, from kitchen utensils, and furniture to clothes.
The printable is a PDF in A4 format with 4 flashcards on each page, making them nice and big. The pictures are bright and the font is large and easy to read.

I’ve struggled to find sets of flashcards online that would be toddler appropriate, meaning big enough, minimalistic yet colorful, and that wouldn’t include a crazy amount of cards. That’s why I’ve decided to make my own flashcards for my kiddo. So why not share them so other parents can use them as well?

Finally, I highly recommend making them more durable by gluing them onto cardboard or laminating them.

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Click the link below to open your free PDF in a new tab!

Have fun!!