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End Of Summer Quarantine Bucket List

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This post contains an End Of Summer 2020 Bucket List – Quarantine Edition.


End of summer quarantine bucket list


We’ve got just about a month of summer left before we move into the fall season. Your summer might not have been what you’ve expected it to be due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t enjoy it. It’s not too late yet to make some more wonderful, summer 2020 memories. To help you make the last weeks counts we put together an End Of Summer Quarantine Bucket List. Let’s see how many things you can still check off the list.



You will find a link to a printable version of the bucket list at the end of this post.  



Here is your End Of Summer Quarantine Bucket List.


Check out what low-risk activities you could do in your area

☐ Play paintball

Go to a farmer’s market

☐ Play laser tag


Get outside and get some sun

Take a boat ride

Go on a hike

Take a walk in a park

Go swimming and soak up some sun by a lake/river/sea/ocean 

Take a walk in the city


If it usually gets rainy in your area in the fall time make sure to enjoy all the things that you can now, as long as it’s still dry outside

☐ Go rollerblading

☐ Go skateboarding




Ride an electric scooter

Camp, even if just in your back yard

Go stargazing

Have a picnic

Enjoy your daily coffee/tea outdoors as well, whether on a balcony or in your garden


Attend a safe outdoor event

Outdoor workshop

A small concert

Outdoor workout class



Watch a sunrise and a sunset in one day





Watch a drive-in movie

Pick fruit/ veggies with your friends/family  

Make a wildflower bouquet

Make a weekend getaway feel like vacation

Grow an herb garden 

Take a road trip 


Road Trip


Redecorate your room/ house/ garden 

Learn a new skill (or discover your hidden talent): juggle/whistle with your fingers …

Nap in a hammock 

Make a tie-dye T-shirt

Join a summer challenge

Create a summer playlist


Make ice cream

One super-easy way: cut a few bananas into pieces and freeze them. Then pulse in a food processor or blend in a blender, done! You can add (plant-based) milk to make the blending easier and to adjust the consistency. Top with whatever you feel like (ideas: sliced fresh fruit, coconut flakes, cacao nibs, chocolate chips, nut butter, chia seeds …)


Check second-hand shops for the perfect summer outfit (/dress)

Sleep with your windows open

Let your hair air-dry

Make it yourself at home and enjoy ice tea, lemonade, or cold brew…daily. 

Harvest and dry lavender 

Refresh yourself with fruit-infused water 

Enjoy a walk in the summer rain

Do a movie night outside


And of course lets not forget about the basics + just be creative in any way you feel like

Read a book


Read a book



Write: a story, journal, make a gratitude list or create a vision board

Do a photoshoot



Photo Camera




Try pottery



Printable version: End Of Summer Quarantine Bucket List

End Of Summer Quarantine Bucket List



End Of Summer Quarantine Bucket List