9 Delicious Ideas For Drinks During Pregnancy

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9 Delicious Ideas For Drinks During Pregnancy

All pregnant women hear is what they shouldn’t drink and eat. Ditch the alcohol, obviously. Try to cut out caffeine, so limited amount to no coffee, coke, or your favorite teas. Say goodbye to sodas, unpasteurized “fresh-squeezed” juices and the list could go on. Yea, I get it and I do think it’s important to follow those dietary guidelines. However, enough of the “you can’t/ shouldn’t” drink this or that. Let’s instead focus on what you can enjoy while pregnant, shall we? 
Here are 9 ideas for drinks during pregnancy.

drinks during pregnancy

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Pregnancy will change you, your habits, your lifestyle, your cravings. There is so much you have to pay attention to and oftentimes so much you’ll be advised to steer clear of. Yet there are always (well, most of the time) tasty alternatives to your go-toes. 

Are you a coffee or a tea person? Do you have your favorite cocktail you enjoy every time you hang out with your friends? If so, don’t deny yourself all the flavors you love just because you’re pregnant, but rather find some pregnancy-safe alternatives. Yes, you want to take the best care of your growing baby, and that’s wonderful mama. You’re doing an amazing job! However, don’t forget to take care of yourself too. 

9 Delicious Ideas For Drinks During Pregnancy

1. Water 

First things first. Yes, water is not a very unique drink idea, I agree. However, it’s so crucial that you drink enough water, especially while pregnant, that I simply must mention it. To mix things up a little and get you to drink more water try the following:

x lemon water 

It’s recommended to drink warm water with lemon juice in the morning.

Some benefits include: rich in vitamin C, good for your immune system, can help with nausea and vomiting, keeps the pH of the body in balance, has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces muscle pain.

safe starbucks drinks during pregnancy

x water infused with fruits and veggies

You can add for instance: berries, sliced lime, ginger, pineapple, cucumber, or melon.
You can also spice things up by adding mint leaves, basil, or rosemary.

x chia water 

For extra nourishment, add chia seeds to your water, let it sit for a few minutes, enjoy.

Some benefits include: rich in omega-3 fatty acid and fiber, so great for your digestion, especially to prevent or help with constipation, it also regulates blood sugar.

drinks for nausea

2. Juices 

Besides the beloved orange juice and apple juice some other healthy juices you can enjoy while pregnant are:

x pomegranate juice

Some of the benefits: rich in folic acid and Vitamin C; great for the immune system and for baby’s brain development, helps with the absorption of iron.

Pomegranate juice may hold promise for preventing preeclampsia, growth restriction and preterm birth when given to women during pregnancy, according to a recent Washington University study. – WUSTL

x carrot juice 

Some of the benefits: rich inter alia in beta-carotene, vitamin C, A, fiber, calcium, and folate; cleanses the liver, can prevent high blood pressure, as well as birth defects.

x beetroot juice 

Some of the benefits: rich in folic acid, fiber, vitamin c, manganese, and iron; great for the development of your baby’s nervous system, can reduce mama’s high blood pressure, and prevent constipation.

x cranberry juice as one of the healthy drinks during pregnancy

Some of the benefits: helps to prevent and treat UTIs, will keep you hydrated as cranberries contain 90% water.

x grape juice 

Some of the benefits: reduces stress, helps with cramps as well as constipation, boosts immunity.

3. Teas

Just because you’re supposed to limit your caffeine intake, so basically avoid all the most popular teas like black, green, white, and matcha, doesn’t mean you won’t pick up a nice warm or ice-cold cup of tea for the next 9 months.

However, keep in mind that just like juices, tea should be enjoyed in moderation and that different teas are recommended/should be avoided depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are.

caffeine free drinks during pregnancy

x rooibos

Rich in antioxidants, can be enjoyed throughout your pregnancy and can help with digestion as well as reflux.

Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) tea is a red herbal tea that comes from the fermented leaves of the Aspalathus linearis shrub, a plant native to South Africa.

Rooibos tea has a sweet, delicate, and earthy flavor. – MedicalNewsToday

x ginger tea 

Can help with morning sickness and nausea, so it’s a great option for the 1st trimester. Should be avoided by the end of pregnancy.

x nettle tea

Nettle tea is rich in vitamin A, C, D, and K. It also contains calcium, potassium and is high in chlorophyll. Nettle is said to increase iron in your blood, as well
as reduce the risk of hemorrhage. It’s recommended to drink 1 cup a day in your 3rd trimester in preparation for labor. 

Nettle tea consists of the leaves from the stinging nettle plant infused in hot water. It tastes similar to vegetable broth and can have a mild or strong taste depending on the concentration. – MedicalNewsToday

x raspberry leaf tea

You can start drinking raspberry leaf tea in your 3rd trimester in order to prepare for labor. It’s said to inter alia shorten labor and strengthen your uterine walls.

4 . Smoothies

healthy drinks

Smoothies are a great choice during pregnancy. Hydrating, refreshing, filling, nourishing, delicious. Plus, it seems like your options are unlimited so you can try out different recipes depending on your pregnancy cravings and nutritional needs.

5. Barley coffee

Haven’t heard of it before, but excited that it has the word “coffee” in it? Give it a try!
Barley coffee, also known as orzo coffee can help you forget about your coffee addiction, plus it’s full of nutrients.

Caffè d’orzo (pronounced [kafˌfɛ dˈdɔrdzo], Italian for “coffee of barley”, often shortened to simply orzo) or barley coffee is a type of hot drink, originating in Italy. Orzo is a caffeine-free roasted grain beverage made from ground barley (orzo in Italian, from Latin hordeum). It is an espresso-style drink, and when prepared from the roasted barley directly, it can easily be made in typical espresso machines and coffeemakers. In Italy it is widely available in coffee vending machines. Although traditionally considered a coffee substitute for children, it is an increasingly common choice in Italy and other places for those who choose to eschew caffeine for health reasons. – Wikipedia

6. Decaf coffee

If you’re a coffee lover of course you’ve thought about decaf coffee. However, if you truly are a coffee lover you’re probably hesitating. If that’s the case you might want to check out CoffeeHow’s post on the “11 Best Decaf Coffee Brands”.

Decaf doesn’t deserve the bad reputation it sometimes suffers from coffee purists, whose chief complaint seems to target the processes used to neutralize the amount of caffeine in a batch of coffee. Nowadays, safe and effective decaffeination practices mean we can break free from the caffeine buzz and enjoy coffee at our own pace. – CoffeeHow

7. Mocktails

If you’re in the mood for something more exciting, or simply don’t feel like drinking water while everyone else is enjoying alcoholic drinks, mocktails are what you’re looking for.

Definition of mocktail

: a usually iced drink made with any of various ingredients (such as juice, herbs, and soda water) but without alcohol a nonalcoholic cocktail – Merriam-Webster

Simply get an alcohol-free version of your favorite drink. Whether it’s a classic bloody mary, a blueberry mojito, a peach shrub, or a Moscow mule mocktail, the options are endless and you’ll surely find something to satisfy your taste buds and boost your mood.

8. Coconut water

Coconut water is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. It’s refreshing, and it’s energizing. It can help with constipation as well as heartburn. Coconut water can boost your immune system and help you rehydrate.

What Is Coconut Water?

Naturally refreshing, coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It contains easily digested carbohydrates in the form of sugar and electrolytes. Not to be confused with high-fat coconut milk or oil, coconut water is a clear liquid in the fruit’s center that is tapped from young, green coconuts. – WebMD

9. Plain or flavored plant-based milk

Soy milk, rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk, walnut milk…vanilla, banana, chocolate, strawberry. There are so many options to choose from. Enjoy cold as a refreshment or warm for comfort. Nourishing and filling.

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