Common Pregnancy Symptoms And What Not To Expect

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What (NOT) to expect in your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Whether pregnant or not we all have an idea of what some common pregnancy symptoms are. We saw it in movies, we read and heard about them. Morning sickness, mood swings, unusual cravings. And the list will only get longer once you’re pregnant and start doing some research on it all or simply hear more and more stories. 


pregnant belly and text Common Pregnancy Symptoms And What Not To Expect


I’m not saying don’t expand your knowledge or don’t listen to other women’s stories. I love finding out what other females experienced! But those are not inevitable truths. It is so good to know what changes you MIGHT go through. What I highly suggest tho is to not EXPECT them to be part of your pregnancy journey as well. 

Everyone’s experience is so different, and even tho, they are called “common” symptoms for a reason, and might as well affect you, they don’t have to. So don’t buy all the “must-haves” like the sea-bands for morning sickness in advance. Maybe you’ll have a textbook pregnancy, but maybe it will be harder or more smooth than anticipated. I can only imagine this also goes for labor, breastfeeding, first weeks with your newborn, and well, the entire motherhood. Just because you heard it a million times, doesn’t mean it will be a part of your story. Drop these thoughts for now and let yourself have your own, unique pregnancy experience.


Common pregnancy symptoms I did NOT experience (so far, at 32 weeks): 

x Morning Sickness – didn’t throw up once since day one, I’m in my 3rd trimester now; maybe that will be the case for you as well, so don’t already imagine yourself vomiting day and night if you just got a positive pregnancy test result

Unusual Cravings – ate no weird meal combos 

x Constipation – maybe 2 times total, which I might have also experienced while not being pregnant, so I definitely wouldn’t categorize it as a dominant symptom of my pregnancy  

x Hemorrhoids        

x Sour Or Metallic Taste In Your Mouth 

x Bleeding Gums 

x High Sensitivity To Smell – although I do think my sense of smell was heightened, it was nothing like I’ve heard it would be and caused no major food aversions


Some of the common symptoms I DID experience (but not as imagined):

x Fatigue – feeling like you’ve just climbed a mountain, twice. Yes, that was true for my entire 1st trimester and I must say I’m starting to feel it again now, in my 3rd. But now it’s harder to get some good night sleep and the belly sure is visible so it’s not really surprising, unlike in the first few weeks of pregnancy, when you look like your usual self and people might think you’re the most dramatic or lazy person there is  

x Bloating in the 1st trimester – 8 weeks in, looking like 5 months, yes that was me

x Frequent Urination – yes, but again, not as “bad” as I’ve imagined it could be

x Mood Changes – honestly mostly for the better, but feeling swings throughout pregnancy, well hormones are at work, not really a surprise. However, I can imagine it being really intense for some women. I had days of pure joy and peace and days I simply feel like crying, all to an extent I haven’t experienced till now. The same goes for libido changes

x Cravings – I would really really crave particular foods, but nothing unusual. First, it would be oranges, then ice cream, or just something cold, but again, nothing too crazy, not as big of a deal as oftentimes portrayed 

x Sneepeeing – yes, it’s a thing and this one I didn’t really expect. Even though it doesn’t have to happen often, it can definitely catch you by surprise 

x Breast soreness, growth, more visible veins, as well as changes to the nipples

x Round Ligament Pain – temporary, nothing that I will particularly remember 

x The fact that the more your belly grows the more uncomfortable you will feel, especially finding a good sleeping position, trying to put your socks on, oh and let’s not forget about trying to shave while taking a shower, as the pregnancy progresses, you’re lucky if you can see your toes! 

x Changes In Hair Growth – growing faster and getting fuller as the pregnancy progresses. What I must say tho and this I did not expect was my hair falling out a lot in the first weeks, like a lot, a lot. We’ll see what postpartum brings…  

x UTI – in my case short and not recurring, but for sure something to watch out for 


Symptoms I’ve experienced so far, that I DID NOT EXPECT at all

x Migraines With Aura  – thank goodness it only happened twice so far, it was pretty awful. Never really struggled with headaches, migraines, less alone ones that would impact my sight. Massive headache, zig-zag sight, flashes of light, and blind spots. Feeling weak, disoriented and just like you’re losing your shit. Tho visual disturbances went away by themselves after 15-20 min and the headache and feeling of disorientation after an hour or two, it was a super unpleasant experience and I feel for anyone who has to struggle with it on a more regular basis

x Lower Rib Pain – soreness, pressure, just feeling like you got beaten up, intensity and frequency differ from day to day; started late in the 2nd trimester/early 3rd trimester

x Kidney Obstruction – well, that’s not really a common symptom, it should not be part of your pregnancy, but well, it might. Read more about it HERE


Obviously, pregnancy is divided into trimesters for a valid reason and there are certain stages/changes specific to each of them that the majority of pregnant women will go through. However, this “list” above, is just one of many you’ve heard and will keep hearing about. Your list may look very similar or completely different, especially when it comes to the timing and intensity of those “common pregnancy symptoms”. So just forget about what I wrote!

Mama, don’t wait in expectation of all the common pregnancy symptoms to occur, instead, stay curious, stay open, and embrace your changing body and its timing. It’s doing a hell of a job!