12 Empowering Birth Affirmation Cards FREE Printable

You are currently viewing 12 Empowering Birth Affirmation Cards FREE Printable

12 Empowering Birth Affirmation Cards FREE Printable

Let this set of beautiful, empowering birth affirmation cards support you and guide you through your labor experience.

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Your mind plays a vital role in your labor and childbirth experience. When you focus on the pain during labor and delivery time goes by slower and you might, unnecessarily, make yourself feel extra nervous. Many mamas swear by distracting yourself with natural labor pain management tools as well as by focusing on empowering statements. Birth affirmation cards will help you calm your mind and relax your body. Those simple, yet empowering sentences can truly make a difference in your experience and help you through the process, one breath, one contraction at a time.

I had a few of my favorite sentences memorized during my first labor experience and they were a life-safer. I’m currently pregnant with my second child, due in a few months, and therefore I’ve decided to create some beautiful, empowering birth affirmation cards that I can use this time around. I’d like to share these with you, free of charge, so you too can have a little bit of a smoother and calmer birth experience.

I chose 12 of my favorite affirmations, you’ll see them below. There’s also a free PDF for you, so you can save them on your phone or print and laminate them at home.

You’ll find the following statements:

  • I was designed to do this
  • I trust my body & I trust my baby
  • My mind is calm & my body is relaxed
  • I am creating life
  • I can trust my instincts
  • I accept myself fully
  • My baby is moving down smoothly
  • My body opens
  • Every contraction brings me closer to meeting my baby
  • Childbirth is the ultimate act of love
  • My baby and I are a team
  • All the strength that I need is already inside of me

For extra empowerment, check out my full list of 50 birth affirmations HERE.

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12Birth Affirmation Cards

You can see below what the cards look like & you’ll find your FREE printable PDF with all of them at the end of this post.

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Click on the link to open the PDF in a new tab.

You got this mama!