+100 Best Things To Do In Your 20s

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+100 Best Things To Do In Your 20s

Check out this list of the best things to do in your 20s to make sure you make the most out of this decade and enter your 30s with no regrets!

best things to do in your 20s

Your 20s are YOUR years! It’s the perfect time to be selfish, in a good way. Focus on yourself, explore the world, learn new skills, make mistakes, start a business, chase your dreams, and follow the love of your life across the globe.

There is so much you should do in your 20s to, first of all, have fun, but also to set yourself up for success and peace in your 30s and 40s. In this post, we’ll go over some of the best things you can do in your 20s for when it comes to adventures, finances, health, love, and more!

Before we go more into detail, let’s start with some basic things you should do in your 20s:

  • get to know yourself
  • spend time alone
  • practice self-care
  • travel solo
  • stay up all night whether to party or to work
  • move or at least travel abroad
  • change careers whenever you feel like it
  • take risks
  • have fun and get your dose of adrenaline rush
  • educate yourself about finances and money mindsets
  • try out different things and build a health and beauty routine that works for you
  • establish some basic yet life-changing habits
  • go after your dreams and bring your ideas to life whether it’s starting a podcast or moving abroad
  • take a chance on love
  • love your body and celebrate your health
  • practice gratitude
  • stay active
  • learn about fertility
  • say yes as much as you can but also learn to say no
  • follow your gut

What NOT to do in your 20s:

  • compare yourself to others
  • play it safe
  • do what mommy and daddy expect you to
  • think it’s too late to do something, it’s not too late for literally anything in your 20s
  • cry over a guy you didn’t end up with or a failed relationship
  • feel sorry for yourself
  • think you need to be rich already
  • read too many self-help books without putting their advice into action and actually living life
  • spend too much time partying
  • develop destructive habits
  • neglect your health because you feel young and invincible

Best Things To Do In Your 20s

Best things to do in your 20s for fun:

  • take a road trip
  • go on a thrill ride
  • go to a music festival
  • learn to surf
  • ride a motorbike
  • see a Broadway show
  • sleep under the stars
  • make a time capsule
  • get a completely new haircut
  • go to New York during Christmastime
  • say yes more often
  • have a beach bonfire


best things to do in your 20s for your health

THE Best things to do in your 20s for your health:

  • try out different classes and find a way to move your body that you actually enjoy and will stick to
  • drink plenty of water (if you enjoy drinking wine, make sure you have one glass of water for every glass of wine)
  • meditate
  • practice gratitude
  • pull all-nighters as much as you need and want but slowly start to prioritize sleep
  • use sunscreen all year long
  • pay more attention to the ingredient labels
  • take a cooking class
  • spend more time in nature
  • learn to breathe
  • set boundaries
  • try out different stress-coping tools and learn what works for you

Best things to do in your 20s for your finances:

  • use a budgeting app
  • educate yourself about money and money mindsets
  • come up with ideas for various streams of income
  • spend your money and enjoy life but make sure you don’t waste money on apps/subscriptions etc. that you don’t actually use or that don’t add real value to your life
  • spend money on experiences not things
  • start investing in quality over quantity items whether it’s clothes, gadgets or beauty products
  • sell clothes, books etc. that you don’t use or like anymore
  • buy second-hand items
love life

THE Best things to do in your 20s for your love life:

  • learn to enjoy spending time alone
  • don’t be (too) promiscuous
  • focus on yourself, don’t chase after boys
  • learn new skills
  • read
  • travel
  • don’t settle
  • don’t stress and don’t compare yourself to others
  • don’t show off your body online
  • establish healthy habits that will help you feel your best
  • find self-worth in God, your heart, and your life choices
  • define love for yourself and stick to your values and boundaries; don’t settle
  • read The Mastery Of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz
  • become the person you would want to date

Best crazy things to do in your 20s:

  • get a tattoo
  • go skydiving
  • go skinny dipping
  • kiss a stranger
  • move abroad
  • get a scuba diving certificate
  • do an Ironman
  • get a blind makeover


Best things to do in your 20s to build confidence:

  • practice self-care
  • take a self-defense class
  • take risks
  • establish a beauty routine
  • workout
  • take care of your finances
  • learn a new skill
  • learn a new language
  • experiment with and find your personal style
  • set and stick to your boundaries
  • go to therapy
  • take yourself out on a date and become comfortable spending time alone
  • travel solo
  • read
  • work on your communication skills
  • set clear goals
  • stop comparing yourself to others
  • adjust your posture
  • focus on your strengths
  • be assertive
  • leave your comfort zone more often
  • stop caring about what others think about you
your twenties

Best things to do in your 20s for your skin & body:

  • get enough sleep
  • drink plenty of water
  • start using retinoids
  • use a high SPF all year long
  • spend time in nature
  • move your body
  • don’t go to sleep with makeup on
  • practice gratitude
  • eat more whole-food
  • make a list of things you love about your body
  • don’t compare yourself to others
  • respect your body by sticking to healthy habits and setting clear boundaries
  • limit drinking alcohol
  • quit smoking
  • use a good moisturizer
  • don’t obsess over calories or follow strict diets

In conclusion, from going skydiving to drinking more water, there’s a lot you can do in your 20s to have the best time and to make the most out of this decade. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to stay safe and always follow your gut. And stop comparing yourself to others!