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16 Best Stroller Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Need an extra pair of hands? Want to make the most of your stroller? Here are 16 stroller accessories that will make every mama’s life easier and more enjoyable plus keep your child extra safe and comfortable.

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In previous posts, we focused on the necessities for mama and baby, especially for their first weeks together. As time goes by you will figure out what else would come in handy. Once you are ready to take your little one out on some adventures or simply need to run some errands you will definitely need a stroller. Even though most already come with some accessories, you might want to add some extras to your stroller that will make those outings easier.

When it comes to stroller accessories what seems unnecessary for one person might be a total game-changer for another. From cup holders to stroller locks, here you’ll find everything you may possibly need to make the most of your stroller, keep your child happy, and have all you need nicely organized while making sure it can be easily reached.
Please check if the item you’re interested in is compatible with your stroller before purchasing.

This post is all about the best stroller accessories. 


16 Best Stroller Accessories That Will Make Your Life Easier





1. Universal Cup Holder


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This universal cup holder is like an extra hand every mom deserves to have. It will fit your water bottle, coffee mug, or your baby’s bottle. It is adjustable and therefore fits most strollers. It’s easy to install, you don’t need any extra tools. This cup holder is made of ABS plastic and it’s super durable.   

2. Phone Holder Mount

phone holder

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Whether you want to play music for your little one, talk to your friend, or check the grocery list while at a store, thanks to this phone holder you can do that while making sure you’re hands are free to handle everything else. It rotates in all the angles possible and can be used both in a landscape and portrait position. For optimal user experience, it features an anti-shake sturdy clamp.  

3. 2 in 1 Cup and Phone Holder

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If don’t usually use your phone much while out and about with your child, but still want to make sure it’s easy for you to reach in case you do need it, this option might be perfect for you. A 2 in 1 holder, for both your drink and your phone. The cup holder has a TPR non-slip pad to make sure you won’t spill your drink. 

4. Stroller Organizer 

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If you’re planning a bigger adventure or simply are the mama that has a lot more to carry than just a cup and a phone, a stroller organizer might be a better choice for you. This one has 2 insulated cup holders, enough storage for snacks, your phone, or a toy as well as zippered pockets for your keys, cash, or other valuables.

5. Extra Hook

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Like with the previous items, the main purpose of an extra hook is to be your extra pair of hands. I’ve seen many moms use these to hang a shopping bag on. I however find them super convenient to hang keys on, or even more so a jacket, whether it’s yours or your child’s.

6. Hooks With A Strap

stroller hooks with strap
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If your diaper bag doesn’t already come with clips to attach it to a stroller or you want to use one of your regular bags, this stroller accessory is a must-have. Why would you carry all that extra weight and struggle to find what you need in your bag if you can simply hang it on your stroller for comfort and easy access. 

7. Stroller Sun Shade

Stroller Sun Shade
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Another essential in case your stroller doesn’t already come with an umbrella is some sort of extra sun shield. Most strollers have a canopy that is too short to protect our kids from direct sunlight, at least from most angles. We all know how nice it is to take a walk on a beautiful sunny day…until you have to try to create some shade for your child using your body. That’s no fun! You can absolutely use an umbrella, however, it might not be the most convenient option. A stroller canopy extender or a longer sun shade are super easy to use, do the job, and won’t be in your way. The choice is yours. 

8. Stroller Rain Cover

Stroller Rain Cover

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Well, if not from the sun, you might have to protect your baby and your belongings from rain and/or snow. This rain cover is not only waterproof and windproof but also very breathable and has a big see-through window. The zipper is also waterproof which is great, cause you don’t want any water to seep in. 

9. Stroller Mosquito Net

Stroller Mosquito Net
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The last thing you want from a walk with your sweetheart is for them to end up being bitten by mosquitos, have spiders crawl on them (yikes), or be stung by a bee. This stroller mosquito net will keep your little one safe from insects, it’s durable, breathable, and machine washable.  

10. Stroller Fan

Stroller Fan
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I admit, a stroller fan seems a little extra…more extra than the other extras! However, I don’t know what’s the weather like where you live, but we already had some heatwaves this summer, and a stroller fan became a must-have! My child is still a baby, but I can imagine it’s being super useful for toddlers who run wild at the playground and then are cranky on their way back home cause they’re feeling too hot. Besides, if not for your child, you might want to use it for yourself as you push the stroller and feel yourself getting more sweaty with each step. This fan comes in three colors. Besides the black one, there is an adorable baby blue and a pink one. 

11. Stroller Hand Muffs

Stroller Hand MuffsBuy on Amazon

How cool and well, little weird are those?! If you like to go on walks in colder weather, or simply suffer from having cold hands all the time, stroller hand muffs might be such a nice addition for you. There are definitely fancier, and more pricey options out there, however, you might want to first check if that’s actually an accessory that’s right for you. You can do that by choosing a more affordable option like the one presented above. Those hand muffs feature a phone pocket with a touch screen design!

12. Stroller Umbrella Holder

Stroller Umbrella HolderBuy on Amazon

Let’s stick to weather-connected accessories for one more minute. I’d say simply have a raincoat with you at all times if you live in a rainy environment, just to be on the safe side. But if it’s pouring rain, you don’t have your coat with you, or you simply need more protection than a rain jacket can offer, you might want to use an umbrella. How on earth do you wanna push the stroller (safely) and hold an umbrella at the same time. Not to mention if you need to reach for anything else? That’s where an umbrella holder comes in handy. Yup, your extra pair of hands, so you can enjoy a nice and dry stroll in the rain.   

13. Stroller Lock

Stroller Lock
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If you invested in a more expensive stroller you don’t want your outings to be ruined by being worried about your stroller being stolen or having to hold on to it at all times. A lock is especially useful during trips to theme parks, bigger playgrounds, or interactive museums. The item shown above is just an example and sure does its job, however, I recommend a sturdier model, which, unfortunately, I am not able to link for you. That’s the lock by Buggygear. You can easily find it online tho.   

14. Safety tether

Safety tetherBuy on Amazon

A safety strap is a super useful stroller accessory for kids of all ages. No more lost or dirty items. With a safety strap, you make sure your child can reach its toy, bottle, pacifier, or anything else really, at all times. Like with many stroller accessories mentioned in this post, you can use it in various situations, not just for the stroller. Shopping carts, high chairs, car seats, and so on.

15. Stroller Board

Stroller Board

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Time for some fun items, a stroller board being one of them. Whether you have more than one kid or just an active toddler, adding a board to your stroller can be both fun and convenient. I must say there are various models out there that widely vary in price, so just make sure you choose a board that is compatible with your stroller and make sure it’s suitable for your child’s weight.    

16. Stroller Toys

Stroller ToysBuy on Amazon

There are so many options out there, depending on your child’s age and your budget. We have the portable mobile from TinyLove, which you can see above and our baby loves it. This model comes in three different patterns, I do recommend the black and white one for younger babies. Our son started to be interested in it at around 6 weeks old but truly entertained by it around 8 weeks old. I’m a fan, because of how versatile it is, and how affordable due to its smaller size. You can let it spin with the melody on or off, depending on your child’s preference, which is great as you don’t want to over-stimulate your little one.  


This post was all about the best stroller accessories.