7 Benefits Of A Vision Board & Why You Need One

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7 Benefits Of A Vision Board & Why You Need One 

Before we dive into the benefits of a vision board, let me ask you a question. Are you currently:

a. fully satisfied with all areas of your life

b. feeling a little lost, discouraged, or jealous of others

c. wanting more from life, but are not really sure what it is you exactly want

d. having a vision of your dream life, but aren’t productive, hopeful, or motivated enough to turn that vision into reality


And? What’s your answer? Is it b., c., d., or even all those three?
Well, if your answer wasn’t answered a. you will greatly benefit from creating a vision board. Let’s find out why!


benefits of a vision board

This post is all about the benefits of a vision board. 

Making a vision board could help you focus as well as organize your thoughts, ideas, and desires.

Many successful businesses and entrepreneurs use vision boards. You don’t have to see it as an abracadabra-manifesting-magical- thing, I know I don’t! We’re not talking here about altering your reality from your couch. Making a vision board means getting clear about what you want, it’s giving yourself permission to dream big and it’s simply a great goal-setting tool. 


If you’re not familiar with vision boards, what they are, and how you can create one, make sure to check out the Ultimate Guide To Making A Vision Board. There, I’m walking you through the process of creating a vision board that works, in 5 simple steps. And if you missed the free printable with templates and quotes, you can get it right here:

If you still have doubts about whether it’s worth it to create a vision board for yourself, here are 7 benefits of having a vision board you don’t want to miss out on! 


7 Benefits Of A Vision Board


vision board wallpaper

#1 Clear vision & organized thoughts 

We think and feel so much during the day. Oftentimes we’re focused on what’s missing in our life, we compare ourselves to others, we feel like we deserve so much more. Maybe you do. But do you actually know what it is you want?

Creating a vision board will help you organize all those thoughts and feelings and help you get clear on your goals, your vision, your dreams.

It’s hard to work towards what you want if you don’t know what it is you want, don’t you agree?


“The tragedy in life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.” – Benjamin E. Mays


#2 Excitement about life and motivation to take action

Visualization is a powerful tool. Seeing beautiful, fun photos that excite you and empowering quotes that motivate you can definitely light some fire under your a*$ to start (or keep) taking action and going after the life you want, and deserve.

It’s easy to give up on ourselves, self-sabotage, or feel a little lost at times, especially if we forget why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place. Having a vision board is a great reminder of where we’re going and why. 


vision board examples
#3 Increased productivity 

Once you’re motivated, focused, and excited you’re way more likely to take action and keep being productive. |


“You can fool everyone else, but you can’t fool your own mind.” – David Allen

#4 Creativity a vision board

The process of making a vision board is, in itself, a very fun and creative activity. From visualisation, through choosing your pictures and words, to making it all come together and creating this tangible dream, this little work of art. It will get your creative juices flowing. Which then can cause a snowball effect putting you into a better mood and making you take further creative action. 

#5 Accomplished goals & reached dreams

So many people are sharing their success stories, which they (at least partially) attribute to their vision boards.

Forbes article Survey Shows Visualizing Success Works by Eilene Zimmerman talks about business owners. 

You can find other examples amongst various entrepreneurs, athletes, singers, actors, activists, etc.

If you’re interested to hear some stories, you might want to check out:

Lilly Singh- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCb1FTKhIZw

Ashley Graham – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyWVwvMuqEg


#6 Good mood, more happiness

Giving yourself permission to want more and dream bigger will instantly make you feel better. Envisioning your dream life will fill you with joy and excitement.

When you think positive thoughts, you will inevitably feel happier. Seeing your dream life, good health, true love, fulfilling relationships, true love, and and and, all laid down in front of you in the form of visuals, will make you feel hopeful and inspired. Your heart will become a little bit fuller and your soul a little bit more joyful just by creating a vision board. 


#7 Confidence 

Having a clear, vivid vision of where you’re going and knowing why plus actually taking steps towards making that vision a reality will definitely boost your confidence. Seeing yourself with the love of your life by your side, in your dream home, having your dream job, being healthy, being financially independent (and so on and so forth, whatever your dreams are), will make you feel confident and proud for sure.


Those were seven, let’s say the main, benefits of a vision board that I’ve highlighted for you. Obviously, there are many more, however, they are all connected and they all fall more or less in one of the “categories” listed above. That would be inter alia self-love, discipline, better self-image, more focus, less stress, and so on.

Now that you’re aware of all the benefits of a vision board I hope nothing can stop you from creating one for yourself. 

If you need some help with that, make sure to check out the
Ultimate Guide To Making A Vision Board. You might also like 52 Powerful Vision Board Quotes To Help You Reach Your Goals in 2022.