10 Insanely Good Reasons To Become An Au Pair

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This post is all about reasons why you should become an Au Pair.

10 Insanely Good Reasons To Become An Au Pair

Whether you just came across the term Au Pair today or you keep entertaining the idea of becoming one yourself for a while now, you might be wondering why it’s worth it.

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Here are 10 reasons why you should become an Au Pair

1. Unique job opportunity.

Being goofy, creative, taking kids out to play at the beach, or spending a vacation with your host family in Alaska might be part of your job description.

2. Traveling and exploring new cultures.

There is no better way to explore a new country, to get to know the people and their culture than actually living with them. You will be part of a family and a community. You can experience different customs and holidays first-hand and you will get to know the area like only locals do. On top of that, you can travel to surrounding cities, states or countries.

3. Self-growth.

The amount of things you will learn about yourself when you become an Au Pair is insane. You will be challenged in ways you have never been challenged before. Living abroad as an Au Pair will help you mature emotionally, become stronger, more confident. You will develop your soft skills, gain knowledge, have a more open mind, and become a world citizen.

4. 2 in 1, adventure, and a challenge.

The great part about being an Au Pair is that you get to have the balance of work (which might be challenging at times) and adventure, your reward. You are already in the place you wanted to be, so even tho you might have had a long, stressful day with the kids, you can end it by meeting your friends at the beach to watch the sunset or by planning your next awesome weekend adventure.   

5. Communicate with ease in a foreign language.

If you move to a country where the language spoken isn’t your mother tongue, you will have no other choice but to improve your foreign language skills naturally in no time.

6. Making friends from all over the world.

You will be able to meet locals as well as Au Pairs and other travelers from all over the world. In that way you get to know even more cultures. You might stay friends for long after the program ends and can visit each other in your home countries.

7. New skills and hobbies.

You will end up trying out a lot of new things. Some of them might turn into temporary hobbies, some might turn into real skills. Whether you pick up photography, surfing, knitting, or boxing. 

8. Crossing many points off your bucket list.

If you’re thinking about becoming an Au Pair, you are probably an adventurer at heart, having a tangible or imaginary bucket list of things you want to do and learn, places you want to see, and experiences you want to have. Living abroad will definitely help you cross many of them off your list.   

9. Finding a home away from home.

Not just traveling to a place for a short vacation but actually living abroad long term will make you have a home away from home. Your host family and/or your new friends will soon become your second family. You will have your favorite spots in the area and feel like a local. In some cases, Au Pairs decide to stay longer and study or even get married abroad.   

10. To not regret not having tried it. 

If for some rather unlikely reason none of the above will turn out that way in your case, then at least you have tried it. At least you have seen and experienced it for yourself and you can move on with life and other plans. You don’t want the idea of becoming an Au Pair to linger in your mind forever, until one day it’s just too late to apply and all you’re left with are what-ifs.


This post was all about reasons why you should become an Au Pair. You might also want to check out other ways to live, study and work abroad.

10 reasons why you should become an Au Pair


Reasons why you should become an Au Pair


10 reasons why you should become an Au Pair