Baby Animals Matching Game For Toddlers With Pictures

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Baby Animals Matching Game With Pictures

Teach your child the names of baby animals with the help of this fun and simple baby animals matching game. You’ll find a free printable at the end of this post!

Baby Animals Matching Game With Pictures

Animals accompany kids from their earliest days. Whether it’s a real pet or a stuffed animal, a little one will adore it. Kids show a lot of interest in animals, their names, and the sounds they’re making. Animal sounds along with animal names are one of the first things little ones learn. And it’s so adorable! Most books and songs for babies and toddlers feature animal characters. Even their clothes often have a print of an animal on them.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

Kids love learning about animals and surely find baby animals very cute. Teach them the names of baby animals with this simple, fun matching game. And if they already know them this can be a fun worksheet to test their knowledge.

The PDF consists of two A4 pages with 9 animal pairs total. The animals included are:

  • dog-puppy
  • horse-foal
  • pig-piglet
  • cat-kitten
  • duck-duckling
  • deer-fawn
  • lion-lion cub
  • sheep-lamb
  • cow-calf

Since it’s a worksheet for the youngest among us I only included a few animals. Yet you can definitely tell your little one what some of the other baby animals are called! Not sure if you know them? Here’s a little cheatsheet:

  • dolphin – calf
  • fish – fry
  • bird – nestling
  • eagle – eaglet
  • frog – tadpole or polliwog
  • gorilla – infant
  • kangaroo – joey
  • penguin – fledgling
  • swan – cygnet
  • turtle – hatchling
  • whale – calf

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Click the download button below to get your free worksheet


baby animals matching game
baby animals matching game

I wish your little one a lot of fun learning!