34 Affirmations For Toddlers + Printable Affirmation Cards

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This post is all about affirmations for toddlers and includes free printable affirmation cards.

Affirmations For Toddlers

We know words can be very powerful and influence our self-image. Help your toddler navigate their big emotions, cultivate positive self-talk as well as boost their confidence by using affirmations.

affirmations for toddlers

We all wish the best for our kids. We’re proud of them, we think they’re smart, fun, creative, brave, and beautiful and hopefully, we tell them often enough.

Nonetheless, it’s so important for kids to learn that certain actions are simply not ok and that they come with consequences. 

However, there is a big difference between telling a kid that their behavior or particular action was irresponsible, unsafe, or even dumb versus saying that they are irresponsible or stupid. 

Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of us heard as kids, myself included. Even though our parents most likely didn’t mean to deeply hurt us and we’re actually talking about our actions when calling us something rather negative, their words still left many of us feeling insecure or even unworthy.

Now as parents we get the chance to change that negative narrative that followed us for many years and not only be a positive, supportive voice in our children’s lives but hopefully also provide them with tools so they can be that positive voice for themselves. 

One of many simple yet very effective tools we can practice with our kids from a young age is using positive affirmations. These lead to positive self-talk, a healthy level of confidence, and a feeling of being loved and being enough. 

What we teach our kids from a very young age becomes second nature to them. Thanks to affirmations having a more positive mindset and a healthy self-image will come naturally to them. 

When and how to use affirmations with toddlers?

That’s entirely up to you! 

However, the more consistent you are the more natural it will be for them. Just be sure not to force it on them. 

Choose a quiet, calm time, when they’re relaxed and present with you, not focused on something else. 

You can make it part of your daily morning or bedtime routine. 

When the child is very small you can simply tell them a series of affirmations and once they get older you can have them repeat after you. Later on, you can take turns saying affirmations out loud, letting them choose whatever affirmation they like that day. 

You can use more general affirmations or ones that are specific to a challenge your kid is facing whether it’s making new friends, starting pre-K, or learning a new skill.

Words have the ability to boost your kid’s self-esteem, brighten their day and help them navigate through their many big emotions. 

Affirmations For Toddlers

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am safe.
  3. I am unique. 
  4. I am brave.
  5. I am capable. 
  6. I am smart.
  7. I am strong.
  8. I am kind. 
  9. I am creative. 
  10. I have great ideas. 
  11. I am courageous. 
  12. I am confident.
  13. I am fun. 
  14. I am beautiful. 
  15. I like myself. 
  16. Today is a great day.
  17. My family loves me endlessly.
  18. I am a good friend.
  19. I can do new things. 
  20. I can do this.
  21. I can learn this.
  22. I will try again.
  23. I am relaxed. 
  24. I will have fun. 
  25. I am healthy. 
  26. I am ready. 
  27. My feelings matter. 
  28. My heart is kind, my body is strong and my brain is powerful.
  29. I am loving.
  30. I am enough. 
  31. I am worthy. 
  32. I believe in myself. 
  33. My ideas matter. 
  34. I like learning new things.

Printable Affirmation Cards

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