60+ Affirmations For New Moms + Free Printable

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60+ Affirmations For New Moms
& Free Printable

Nobody said parenting was going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be so hard, and most importantly, new mamas shouldn’t be so hard on themselves. Not only do freshly baked moms often have to face criticism, sarcastic questions, or unsolicited advice from others, it already starts with their own negative self-talk. Fears, doubts, anxiety, and guilt often try to creep in and steal the daily joys of motherhood. Let’s flip the script, let’s get rid of the negative narrative by using the following affirmations for new moms. 

60+ Affirmations For New Moms + Free Printable

How to use affirmations?

You can:

x print out all 63 affirmations mentioned in this post (free printable at the end of this post)

x write down your own list and for instance keep it on your nightstand to read first thing in the morning and the last thing before going to sleep at night

x put single statements on sticky notes and place them in different spots around your house

x remember a few that really resonate with you and repeat them in your mind or say them out loud

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Here are 60+ Positive Affirmations For New Moms

  1. I am a good mom
  2. I am the perfect mama for my baby
  3. I choose to be present with my baby
  4. There is endless value in being a mom
  5. Every day is a gift and I choose to cherish every day with my baby
  6. It is ok to have fears, doubts, or feel frustrated- that does not make me a bad mom
  7. I take each day as it comes
  8. I am full of love
  9. A bad day does not make me a bad mom
  10. I know best how to nourish and care for my baby
  11. My baby feels my love and dedication 
  12. I value myself as a mom
  13. I feel connected to my body, mind, and soul
  14. I am strong, brave, and capable
  15. My day is filled with love, peace, and joy 
  16. I am beautiful and attractive
  17. I am capable to fulfil all my dreams next to being a mom
  18. I am calm, I am at peace
  19. I have enough energy to conquer today
  20. Today is gonna be a great day
  21. I feel connected to my baby
  22. I deserve to be valued as a mom
  23. I can ask for help, this does not make me a weaker mom
  24. I am patient
  25. I cannot and do not have to meet everyone’s needs
  26. I do not have to take unsolicited advice and I am not here to please everyone 
  27. I deserve credit from my partner for all that I am doing daily and I give myself credit
  28. No matter how many hours of sleep I’m getting at this moment, I am able to rest peacefully
  29. I feel energized after taking a nap
  30. I give my body time to heal and get stronger
  31. I trust my instincts
  32. I am allowed to take care of myself
  33. When I take time off for self-care I feel confident, energized and am capable to take great care of my baby
  34. I am becoming a more confident mama each and every day
  35. Nobody can ever take away the life lessons motherhood is teaching me
  36. I am a powerful woman
  37. I am good enough in all that I do
  38. Each day I am the best version of myself that I can be
  39. I am grateful for my body
  40. I am grateful for my baby
  41. I am loved
  42. Leadership begins with motherhood
  43. I am doing the best that I can and that is enough
  44. I release feelings of fear, doubt, and guilt 
  45. I release my expectations and choose to welcome each moment for what it is
  46. My baby sees the best in me
  47. I am able to comfort my baby
  48. I am worthy, wonderful, beautiful, strong, and full of love in the eyes of my baby
  49. I love being a mom, but I don’t have to like all aspects of motherhood each and every day
  50. I create a peaceful and loving home for my baby
  51. I am exactly where I need to be in life right now
  52. Anxiety has no power over me 
  53. My baby doesn’t care if I have stretch marks or not or how impressive my resume is, to him/her I am enough, I am perfect, I am all he/she needs just the way I am 
  54. I trust myself
  55. My baby and I are a great team
  56. I embrace this new role I’ve been given with all its lessons and challenges
  57. My baby is a blessing and I am grateful to be on this journey
  58. I am proud to be part of the mom club
  59. I am excited to see my baby grow and I am excited to grow as a mother
  60. I share an eternal bond with my baby
  61. I forgive myself for any mistakes and shortcomings
  62. I welcome change
  63. I am not comparing myself to other mothers, everyone is on their own journey

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