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Lovely mamas, welcome to Out To Be

Here to keep you company on your parenting journey. 

I always knew I wanted to be a mom, so I’m incredibly grateful to now be experiencing all that comes with motherhood.
The fun, the love, the struggles, the doubts, and the lessons. 

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about out to be


Hi, I’m Kat. A toddler mama to a wild, sweet son-shine. A believer in God, love, integrity, and choosing the right way, one that’s aligned with your values, over the easy way, no matter what! I see immense value in prioritizing motherhood, and parenting. I find time (and health) to be our biggest asset in life. So I see beauty, freedom, and power in dedicating our time to being present with our kids, especially in the early years of their lives. I moved abroad for love, and now my man and I get to raise a multilingual child (with no pressure on him, yet with the mindset that kids are like sponges and are linguistic geniuses). I love cooking healthy, mostly plant-based meals for my lil family, and I love creating little projects and activities for my kiddo, which I’m happily sharing with you on this blog.
Have a lovely day, you’re doing great mama!

Love, K